Last night MTV’s Teen Mom two aired the road rage clip of Jenelle Evans. It was terrifying to say the least. It illustrates exactly what you DON’T do when dealing with an aggressive driver!  Want to learn more about dealing with aggression on the roads?  Take our online class

Teen Mom, Jenelle Evans pulls gun in road rage incident with son in the car

The Scene: Road Rage Unfolds

This is a tale of tailgating, speeding, guns, driving while holding a phone and a terrified 8 year old boy!

Road Rage the Video from Teen Mom

Jenelle was in the car with her son Jace, 8 yrs old. Jace was sitting in the front seat of the car.  A “large truck” possibly a “F150” was allegedly tailgating Janelle.  The truck passed her and then slammed on his breaks.   Sometimes aggressive drivers so this after tailgating as a way of sticking it to the other driver. The footage shows Jenelle and Jace lunging forward. Janelle begins to curse and asks Jace for his phone, she calls 911.

The other driver got off the highway . Then Jenelle proceeded to follow him to his house!  She proceeded to get her gun from under the seat. She then drove without her seat belt.  MTV chose not to show the video of her brandishing the weapon.  Jenelle yelled at the other driver.  She hit his mailbox, allegedly by accident.  Jenelle tried to leave the scene but the other driver blocked her in, hit her car and called the police.  She sped away while on the phone (NOT HANDS FREE)with her husband David.  David scolded her for following the man to his house.  The Police pulled her over where she told a tale that is different from the video.

She was hysterically crying while talking to the officer. She claims she was run off the road (the video doesn’t show that).  Jenelle claims that Jace almost smacked his head into the dash (the video doesn’t show that).

What did we learn from this?

If confronted on the road by an aggressive driver who is tailgating…..LET THEM PASS YOU! Nothing is gained by engaging in this type of behavior.  Let the other driver pass you! You never EVER follow someone in a road rage incident.  The only thing this Teen Mom did by following the other driver to his house was escalate the situation. 

Oh and do I really need to mention pulling a gun on another person because of tailgating!?!? This is a level of insanity that I don’t want to touch with a 10 foot pole.  Jace lunged forward because she “Slammed on the brakes doing 70 mph”. This could be prevented. 

An 8 yr old belongs in the back seat of the car! Also the video shows the empty car seat in the back slamming into the seat in front when she braked.  A seat that is properly installed doesn’t move like that! 

In conclusion:

Don’t act like Jenelle Evans! There is never a reason to engage in this level of rage.  She is lucky that neither her son nor herself were hurt that day.  Her behavior was dangerous to say the least.  You can watch the video in the embedded clip. Stay tuned to this blog spot for more info on this and other news.  As always, DRIVE SAFE!

The footage

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