Student Testimonials

Read what our customers have to say about our New York State DMV-approved Defensive Driving courses.

“I have attended many defensive training classes and my personal opinion is you two guys did an excellent job.You not only made it interesting but fun.  You didn’t just  go word by word from the book but gave examples you’ve experienced. I thank your team for a job well done and I will recommend you to others. Have a nice day! Thanks again and I’ll see you in three years!”

Pat in Delhi (This is thanks to one of our certified instructors)

“I took the class on line, and it was so easy! I took breaks when I wanted to, and what I liked most is that there was no test at the end. I live in Brooklyn and the savings on my auto insurance I got from completing this course was substantial! It was just so easy I would recommend it to anyone, and have already had my wife and several of my co- workers take it.”

Stuart in Brooklyn

“I took the course at home on my computer, and at the same time my 19 year old son took it on his iPad (I made him since he just got a car for his birthday!) My son did the whole course in under 6 hours, and I did it for an hour a night for 6 nights after work. It was really easy with no tests, and together we saved over $500 a year on our auto insurance.”

Todd and Todd Jr in Westchester

“I recently got a speeding ticket (my 3rd), and took the course on line about a week before my court date. I took the option of having my completion certificate overnighted to me and was really impressed. I started the course on Tuesday evening, and did about half of it before I got tired. Went to bed, and in the morning completed the other half, and I actually had my certificate in my hand by Thursday! What’s more, the Judge was so impressed when he saw I had completed the course that he changed my ticket into a no point violation!! Thank you NYDDC!!!”

Molly from Syracuse U NY

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“I never used to wear my seat belt, and have been driving for over 40 years, but after attending the NYDDC class in Flushing, I started wearing it. As fate would have it, two days later I was involved in the first car accident of my life and it was a pretty bad one. The police officer told me had I not been wearing my seat belt I would have more then likely been killed. What more can I say!!”

Stephen in Nassua

“My husband and I took the class together (we take it every three years for the insurance discount, but this was the first time with NYDDC) and it was great! By far the best class we have taken. My favorite part was comparing stories on distracted driving with the instructor and other members of the class. Pretty scary what some people do while behind the wheel!”

Regina and Sergie from Brooklyn

10% Auto Insurance Premium Reduction for 3 Years

I’ll Do It!

* Successful completion of 320-minute Internet course by principal operator of insured vehicle provides 3-year, 10% premium reduction in base rate of motorist’s current car liability, no-fault & collision premiums. Point reduction benefits can be applied once within 18 months and reduce as many as 4 points from record. *** Note that prices listed on this website are for the Internet course. Prices for classroom courses vary by location.

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