Insurance Agent? Affiliate with us!

Are you a licensed insurance agent in New York? Do you offer the PIRP 6 hour course already through another Sponsor? Not happy with your current sponsor? When was the last time they updated their curriculum? Have they ever come out to see you? Do they let you enter the data for your students directly to their database? How quickly do they mail out certificates? Are they based in Florida, Texas or California? Are they in a different time zone making customer service a hassle?  Do they help with marketing materials? Do they send you leads of students inquiring about a class in your neighborhood?  Come affiliate with us! We provide all of this and MORE!

Defensive Drivers Discount is based in Armonk New York.  We are a local small business that treat our affiliates like part of our company.  We provide excellent customer service.  We mail out certificates usually within 48 hours. We can certify you by coming to YOUR office at YOUR convenience. We can offer workbooks via PDF so you print up what you need. We will add you to THIS website so students can locate you, if they are in your area. We will help with marketing costs. We can also offer you the ability to set up your own online class. Best of all, we will do it all at the MOST competitive fee out there!

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10% Auto Insurance Premium Reduction for 3 Years

I’ll Do It!

* Successful completion of 320-minute Internet course by principal operator of insured vehicle provides 3-year, 10% premium reduction in base rate of motorist’s current car liability, no-fault & collision premiums. Point reduction benefits can be applied once within 18 months and reduce as many as 4 points from record. *** Note that prices listed on this website are for the Internet course. Prices for classroom courses vary by location.

Insurance Agent?

Affiliate with us!