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Are you looking for a great career opportunity? Start being your own boss TODAY running your own Company! We are always looking for driven, honest, independent, hard working individuals willing to learn about the Defensive Driving Business! We have many Independent Business Sales People that get verified by us, then start teaching a class.  Once they learn the ins and outs they then begin recruiting others to teach & arrange classes! (real canadian pharmacy) It is really a great model for a self motivated person that’s tired of working for others! Lets talk, I can give you examples of others that work with us, making over $100,000 a year! It doesn’t happen over night, but with some hard work & guidance from us, you too can make it happen! That’s how the founders of Defensive Drivers Discount got this far!

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Phone: (914) 921-4560
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Alternative Phone: 877-NYSAFE1 (877-697-2331)

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