Thanksgiving 2017

Thanksgiving, that time of year when millions of Americans hit the road to see family and eat turkey! The 2017 Thanksgiving holiday weekend will see the highest Thanksgiving travel volume since 2005 . It’s projected that 50.9 million Americans will journey 50 miles or more away from home this Thanksgiving, a 3.3 percent increase over […]

Bicycles in NYC

Did you know that in New York city over a 15-day span in June and July, motorists killed four people riding bikes — Edouard Menuau, Corbin Carr, Ronald Burke, and an unidentified 81-year-old man.  This is tragic and drivers need to remember that they share the road with bicycles.  Bicycles are vehicles too and have to obey the […]

Car seats: National Passenger Safety Week

Did you know that this week is passenger safety week?  Well what better way to think about the smallest passengers in your car than to make sure that they have the right kind of car seats. There are many different kinds of car seats. Want to learn more, take our online class Did you know […]

School Is Open! Drive Carefully

It’s September and School is open! Today is the 1st day of School for many. That means there are  plenty of school buses out on the road. Did you know that it is ILLEGAL to pass a stopped school bus. Want to learn more about the rules, take our online class. Passing a stopped school […]

Labor Day Weekend 2017

This Labor Day Weekend 2017 is shaping up to be one of the busiest on the roads.  We can look forward to soul-crushing traffic, as the kids scream murder in the back seat. Last year saw records broken when it came to cars on the road and they are expecting the same this year. More […]

Riding A Motorcycle, Wear a Helmet!

I was driving the other day in a state with relaxed helmet laws. I saw a motorcyclist in a tank top, shorts, and NO HELMET!  I thought to myself wow that guy really doesn’t want to live. Want to learn more about safety laws, take our online class. I’ve been on a motorcycle before and […]

Summer 2017: Child Left In a Hot Car

So far this summer there have been 26 kids left in cars that have died and summer isn’t over! It has been incredibly hot in the northeast so far this summer we have been having a heat wave. Leaving a child in a car is incredibly dangerous and potentially fatal. Want to learn more about […]

Kim Kardashian Car Seat Shame

Kim Kardashian decided to post a picture of her adorable son, Saint West, in his car seat….the only problem is he is front facing when he should be REAR FACING! The internet is not a forgiving place and this has been the story of Kim Kardashian Car Seat Shame.   Want to learn more about […]

Independence Day Drunk Driving

Some 34.4 million Americans are expected to travel by car this Independence Day weekend, and there’s probably a BBQ at the end of many of their trips. Last Fourth of July, Americans had around 74 million BBQs, grilled an estimated 155 million hot dogs, and cracked open about 68 million cases of beer. In fact, […]

Car Seat Laws NY

We try and protect our children from everything!  How often do we really think about car seat safety?  Car accidents are the #1 killer of children! Statistics show that 80-90% of car seats are installed or used incorrectly!  Many states are changing their car seat laws and NY is jumping on the band wagon! Want […]

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