When You Are Driving in the Winter in New York


It is important to make sure your vehicle is in good condition as driving in the winter is one of the most difficult seasons.  To learn more, take our course online at your convenience at www.defensivdriversdiscount.com.

Winter brings fewer hours of daylight.  Driving in the dark, on slippery roads, offers loads of opportunity to have fender benders or to your vehicle sliding off the road.

Winter driving in New York can be dangerous and difficult at times.  Snow, slush, and ice are some of the issues that you deal with when you are driving.  Here are some tips that will help.


Tips for winter driving:


Your windshield needs to be clean and all of your outside mirrors free of ice or anything else that can blur your vision when looking around your vehicle.

Make sure your tires are in good shape or you put your snow tires on as winter arrives.  Your tires need to have enough traction for your car to grip the slippery roads while driving.

Use your headlights, even if you are driving during the day.  During snow storms or foggy weather, this allows your vehicle to stand out and it is easier to avoid a collision.

Reduce your speed.  It is important that you make sure you have enough space between you and other vehicles on the road.  Additionally, enough time to stop on the slippery, winter roads without hitting anyone.

That brings us to this point:  check your brakes!  You need to make sure that your brakes are in good working order.  Remember to pump them to stop your vehicle.  Do NOT slam on the brakes.  This can also cause your vehicle to fishtail or spin out of control.


Spending time with family and friends


Winter also brings lots of different holidays where people are celebrating and having a joyous and merry time.  If you have celebrated too much and are not fit to drive, then do the right thing and do not get behind the wheel!   Please make smart choices.  This will help keep you and your family happy, and you will have great memories of your time together.

Driving in bad weather can be difficult and very stress inducing.  Even if you get into fender-bender, where no one gets hurt, this will still make for a miserable recovery and repair time.

It is so important to schedule your travel time get to where you need to be on time and safely.  Everyone you know will appreciate it.  Loads of people that you do not know, but share the road with, will also appreciate your effort.

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