Have you ever been driving and a deer jumps right out in front of you crossing the road? Well it’s deer season and this can happen more and more.

Deer in the road during Deer Season
Photo by Ivana Cajina on Unsplash

When is Deer Season?

Some people think that deer season ends in the spring. However it’s getting chilly and that brings them out. The weather is getting chillier and deer are looking for food and somewhere safe to be for the coming winter. They are all over right now and hitting a deer can do great damage to your vehicle.

Motorcycle vs. Deer

My cousin posted about his friend Dan Zipkin. Dan was riding his motorcycle when he collided with a deer. Lucky for Dan he was wearing his helmet. I reached out to Dan to see if I could blog about his experience. Dan didn’t break any bones just some nasty road rash and some bruising. The deer is dead and his bike might well be dead as well. This is what can happen during deer season.

Dan said ” That’s five rolls at 40mph with my head smacking the pavement each time. Lizz Gaffney, please feel free to use my picture too. “

Picture of a motorcycle helmet after a collision with a deer.
Dan Zipkin’s Helmet

Dressing for the Crash

As i have mentioned in previous blogs it is very important to dress for the crash and not just during deer season! It is important to wear protective clothing and a full face helmet. Dan would be severely injured if not dead had he not had his helmet. Please see my blog on dressing for the crash for more info on what to wear .

If you want to learn more about defensive driving and how you can protect yourself and your then take our online class .

In closing please be mindful of animals and other vehicles on the road. Be a defensive driver, protect yourself and your property. As always, DRIVE SAFE!

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