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Thanksgiving Traffic Here We come

Let the Thanksgiving Festivities Begin! Thanksgiving Traffic is on the rise! One thing is for sure this holiday weekend, Thanks giving Traffic! Nearly 55 million Americans are expected to hit the road this Thanksgiving holiday, a 2.9% increase from last year. The 2019 holiday weekend is expected to see the second-highest travel volume, falling second […]

Memorial Day Getaway Holiday Traffic

Now is the time to start thinking about your Memorial Day Getaway Plans.  How do you avoid Holiday Traffic? AAA predicts an estimated 43 million Americans – nearly 4 percent more than last year’s holiday! 88 percent of those people will be traveling by motor vehicle. That’s 3.5 percent more than last Memorial Day.  That […]

Labor Day Weekend 2017

This Labor Day Weekend 2017 is shaping up to be one of the busiest on the roads.  We can look forward to soul-crushing traffic, as the kids scream murder in the back seat. Last year saw records broken when it came to cars on the road and they are expecting the same this year. More […]

YouTube Traffic Around The World

Recently I did a post about some of the most historic traffic jams. Again I despise being stuck in traffic especially with the baby, have you ever been stuck in traffic with a hungry/stinky/tired baby well it stinks (literally)! I have found that sometimes just when I think I’m in the worst traffic jam ever […]

Worst Cities To Drive In Around The World

Ever been stuck in one of those blindingly hot, summer traffic jams on INSERT NAME HERE? How many games of “20 Questions” did you get through with your passengers (hopefully you had at least one) before you thought that you might abandon your vehicle in the middle of the road? Well next time it happens, […]

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