Tragically 4 Bridesmaids died when their limo was T-boned by a drunk driver in a pickup truck on Saturday July 18th in CUTCHOGUE, N.Y.

The limousine was leaving a winery and making a U-turn at a blinking traffic signal to head west when the pickup collided with it. The driver of the pickup hit the brakes before the crash but could not stop in time. The driver of the pickup ran from the crash scene, but was caught and arrested and faces a driving while intoxicated charge. The collision marked the second car crash with multiple fatalities on Long Island in the last several days.

Last Sunday, a father and his two children were killed when their sedan was rear-ended and the car burst into flames. His wife – the children’s mother – escaped uninjured. A Queens man was charged with driving while intoxicated in connection with the crash and another man was charged with driving his friend away from the scene. Both have pleaded not guilty and deny any wrongdoing.

There is never an excuse for drunk driving, EVER! Drunk driving usually ends in tragedy, AVOIDABLE TRAGEDY! There are numerous cab companies, dial a ride companies, ways to get a designated driver, I have even seen Ads from tow truck companies that will tow your car and drive you home for a lesser fee if you are drunk and can’t drive.

There has to be a level of responsibility when you chose to imbibe. You can take our online class for more information about drinking and driving.


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