It has happened yet again and this time the woman did this on twice in one day.

The baby was taken to the hospital and later released to it’s father. This is UNACCEPTABLE! Temperatures can reach over 100 degrees on an 80 degree day in under 20 minutes.

Unfortunately in Iowa a baby was not as lucky. A hospital CEO, Kari Engholm, “accidentally” left her child, Clare, in a hot car while she attended meetings. Engholm left Clare in a minivan last month on a day when outside temperatures approached 90 degrees. Engholm was rushing to attend a series of meetings at Dallas County Hospital in Perry, Iowa.

Engholm had forgotten she was supposed to have dropped the child at the baby sitter and discovered Clare’s body when she picked up her elder son from a child-care center after work, according to The Associated Press.

This case is reminiscent of the case last year in Stamford, CT where a father left his child in the car all day while he was at work because he didn’t normally take his child to daycare. This is why people are taking measures such as leaving their shoe next to their child because although people seem to be able to forget their child in the car chances are they wouldn’t go shopping or to a meeting without their shoes!

Stay tuned to this blog spot for more info and NEVER LEAVE A CHILD IN THE CAR! As always, DRIVE SAFE!

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