Who doesn’t remember when Britney Spears decided to do this? Well i Saw something similar the other day!

I was at the store and in the parking lot I saw a woman driving with her toddler on her lap. I swear I thought I was going to lose my mind but they drove away before I could say anything. Ok, look I understand they were in parking lot and not on an open road but regardless accidents happen in parking lots!

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Did you know that it is simple physics that in an accidents as slow as 5 mph a person cannot hold a 5 lb bag of sugar, it flies right out of their hands. I don’t know about you but even at birth my child was more then 5 lbs. I went to a safety expo a few weeks ago and they had a crash simulator. I watched as a physically fit fireman strapped into the simulator and was given a 5 lb bag of sugar, at the moment of impact the sugar flew out of his hands and feet in front of the crash. People at the event were then convinced. When a few others had done it before the fireman but, people were saying that those people just weren’t strong enough.

It amazes me that people think that accidents won’t happen to them. THEY ARE CALLED ACCIDENTS for a reason! Always Always ALWAYS use the proper car seat for your child and as always, DRIVE SAFE!

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