Caitlyn Jenner was in a fatal car accident in February. It was a multi car accident where a car that she rear ended was pushed into on coming traffic and the driver was killed. It was alleged that she had been texting while driving but after a 6 month investigation that has not been mentioned.
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She could face a manslaughter charge in a fatal February car crash in California after investigators determined she was driving too fast, officials and law-enforcement sources said on Thursday. Detectives have completed their six-month investigation and are set to present evidence to the prosecution that could lead to a misdemeanor manslaughter charge against the “I Am Cait” star. Because there’s “nothing really egregious” in the case, Det. Richard Curry of the Sheriff’s Dept. said there’s a “50/50” chance that she will be charged.

Jenner was driving down Pacific Coast Highway on Feb. 7 at an unsafe speed when her Escalade hit another vehicle, causing a chain-reaction crash, authorities said. Curry charged that Jenner’s violation of the vehicular manslaughter law ultimately led to a death. Although Jenner was not speeding, she was driving too fast for the day’s road conditions.

According to authorities, Kim Howe’s Lexus rear-ended Jessica Steindorff’s Toyota Prius, causing Jenner’s Escalade to rear-end Howe’s car, pushing it into oncoming traffic. A Hummer then struck Howe’s car head-on, causing her to die at the scene near Corral Canyon Road.

The family of the deceased is pursuing a civil suit. Stay tuned to this blog spot for more info on the case. As always DRIVE SAFE!

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