The Big Game is here, Super Bowl 52! Weather you are an Eagles or a Patriots fan we all LOVE the commercials! This year there will be fewer car commercials than in previous years. Data in on Super Bowl 51 suggested that automotive ad spending was on the decline for the first time in six years as automakers offered up $70.7 million. This year, only Kia, Hyundai, Lexus and Toyota are confirmed for spots; Buick and Honda will be on the sidelines after appearing in 2017.

First up LEXUS with their crossover ad with Marvel Black Panther for the LS 500.  This action packed ad will thrill Marvel and luxury car fans!

KIA has decided to do a Benjamin Button and reverse age Steven Tyler.  DREAM ON!

Hyundai speaks to the parent in all of us who want to watch the big game but have kids activities.  Thanks for the laughs KIA.

Toyota goes for the heart strings on this one.  Their focus is on the Paralympic games.  This is the start of Toyota’s “Mobility for All” campaign.  You will see more of this.

Remember I said there will be more from the  “Mobility for All” campaign.  It is revving into high gear.

Mercedes-Benz has gone a different route.  You know the contest where you stand with your hand on a car (possibly wearing a diaper) and the last one touching wins.  Well they made it virtual.  There will be a car moving around on screen and the last person touching it wins.  The rounds will get harder and harder and there will be a real time counter.  GOOD LUCK!

These are some of the commercials we can look forward to on the big game. What ads will you be talking about on Monday morning?  Don’t drink and drive after the game and as always, DRIVE SAFE!

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