Did ever notice that after a snowstorm when you 1st hit the road your car seems to shake.  I noticed it yesterday and went straight to the mechanic…….to find out that a build up of snow and ice on the tires can cause them to unbalance, but it all balances out once it melts off!

This shaking can feel like anything from a light shake to feeling like the wheels are going to fall off: here’s why!

The issue is the ice and snow build up in the wheels and cause the tires to become unbalanced. This can be a minor steering wheel shake to feeling like the wheels are going to fall off the car. Once the snow melts off the wheels from the heat of the day the car should behave normally again. Some slightly obsessive drivers will go so far to take their snow brush and clean in between the spokes of the wheels to knock the snow and ice off. I started Modafinil about 5 months ago https://pleasantville-pharmacy.com/modafinil

Once the wheels are clean, if the car still vibrates it is possible that one of the wheels/tires could have been damaged by a pothole. If the car is still shaking, have it looked at by a good repair shop.

Stay tuned to this blog spot for more info on winter driving and as always, DRIVE SAFE!

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