Think back to the 1980’s and 1990’s. 

In all of the TV shows and movies created back then, the future was almost similar to that of ‘The Jetson’s’.

Talking Cars???

This is something that not a lot of people would’ve imagined, however that is the technology being experimented with today. When I say talking cars, I do not mean literal talking cars. By “talking cars”, I am referring to two vehicles being able to communicate based on speed, and position using waves of technology. Some new cars already can check your blind spots for you, and can tell you if there are any cars around you, but how awesome would it be to be able to avoid a collision by just listening to what your car tells you to do?

This is still a new technology and will take years to implement and many more years to perfect, but know that it is being worked on. This new technology should become available to all drivers in the years to come (2017). It may also be mandated. Vehicles in constant communication can help reduce the number of collisions by 80%. The picture below depicts the technology waves that each car will have. Any other car around it will be able to pick up those waves to know exactly what the other driver is doing, or how fast they are going.

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