Did you know that this week is passenger safety week?  Well what better way to think about the smallest passengers in your car than to make sure that they have the right kind of car seats. There are many different kinds of car seats. Want to learn more, take our online class

Did you know that the AAA (American Academy of Pediatrics) recommends rear facing until at least age 4.  “4, that’s crazy!” you may be thinking, but really it’s not.  Rear facing is the safest way to be in a car.  Let’s say you are traveling at 30 mph and you get into an accident, you are still traveling at 30 mph as are you internal organs and if you are forward facing they are traveling forwards until they hit the restraint.  This sort of forward facing impact can cause massive internal damage to a little body.  Did you know that the neck and spine don’t fuse together until age 3!

Now imagine traveling at 30 mph and getting into a crash. Yes you and your organs are still traveling at 30 mph but the child is rear facing so they aren’t being thrown forwards.  Your child is safe and secure rear facing in the seat, as long as it is properly installed.

Many states have changed their car seat laws recently.  States now mandate that children remain rear facing until age 2 or the limits of their car seat.

When car seats are recalled you need to replace them.  It is very important to register your car seats with the manufacturer to get updates on any recalls.  You can also check here for up to date recalls here.

See the chart above for the different kinds of seats that are on the market. Stay tuned to this blog spot for more in this car seat series! As always, DRIVE SAFE!

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