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Car Surfing Videos

The other day I put up a blog about a dangerous trend amongst teens, Car Surfing. Just in case you thought this wasn’t really happening I put some videos together for you. Here is a YouTube playlist of car surfing videos I put together. PLEASE DON’T CAR SURF! So these are just a few examples […]

Sleepy Driver Videos

The other day I wrote a blog about driving while exhausted and how it is the 2nd largest cause of accidents in the USA. I have put together a YouTube playlist of sleepy driver videos for you. For more information about safe driving take our online class! Please enjoy these videos: Stay tuned to this […]

Speeding Kills Videos

A few weeks ago I put up blogs about the dangers of speeding, you know besides tickets and points on your license. If you do get points on your license you can take our online class! Well if this doesn’t convince you nothing wil about the dangers of speeding. CAUTION THESE ARE EXTREMELY GRAPHIC! As […]

Driving In The Rain

Well it was very rainy last week in my neighborhood and the surrounding areas, leading to accidents. This got me thinking about driving in the rain and why we need to SLOW DOWN! Did you know that oil accumulates on the road and then when it rains, yup you guess it, oil and water don’t […]

Videos of Children In Hot Cars

I have put together a YouTube playlist for you to illustrate my point about children being left in hot cars. WARNING there are graphic reenactments although it is a re-enactment, there are also some real footage news stories and a “What Would You Do” experiment. I hope you learn something my friends we can prevent […]

Car Seat Safety Video

As I mentioned in an earlier post it is extremely important to keep a child rear facing as long as possible. I put together a playlist for you to illustrate my points. Take heed some of these videos are graphic and sad BUT we can learn from these tragedies: So please keep your children REAR […]

Infant car seat safety

Did you know that people make lots of mistakes when they put their children in car seats, well this can get you points on your license! You can take our online class for more info on points and to become a defensive driver. In the meantime here is a video from the Car Seat Lady […]

YouTube Videos of Cars vs. Puddles

Recently I did a blog about driving through puddles well here’s some videos of why you need to do this with extreme caution! Enjoy the show! So remeber don’t drive through puddles unless you have to. For more info take our online class and as always DRIVE SAFE!!!!

Road RAGE Videos

Recently I blogged about road rage so I thought I’d show you some examples of what not to do! Be warned some of these videos are graphic, they can be violent and well thank your lucky stars you weren’t on the roads when this all went down. Enjoy the playlist and please see it as […]

YouTube Traffic Around The World

Recently I did a post about some of the most historic traffic jams. Again I despise being stuck in traffic especially with the baby, have you ever been stuck in traffic with a hungry/stinky/tired baby well it stinks (literally)! I have found that sometimes just when I think I’m in the worst traffic jam ever […]

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