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Car Commercials and The Big Game!

The Big Game is here, Super Bowl 52! Weather you are an Eagles or a Patriots fan we all LOVE the commercials! This year there will be fewer car commercials than in previous years. Data in on Super Bowl 51 suggested that automotive ad spending was on the decline for the first time in six […]

Hit By A Texter

Well as promised here is a short playlist of some motorcyclist and cyclists hit by texting drivers: want to learn more about texting and driving? Take our online class WARNING SOME CONTENT IS UPSETTING AND GRAPHIC! It is never worth it to text and drive, it can wait. So please STAY OFF THE PHONE WHILE […]

Texting on A Motorcycle

Just when I thought I had seen it all I was driving the other day and I saw a man texting while on his motorcycle. I thought to myself surely this is just an isolated incident so to google I went and NO it’s not 🙁 Early in August in Indiana, Brandon R. McClain 43, […]

Wrong Way!

I have done some blogs recently about how people have been driving the wrong way on the road and causing accidents. Want to learn more about dangers on the road and why you should become a defensive driver…..take our online class. Well true to form I have put together a You Tube playlist of some […]

Videos of Passing A Stopped School Bus

Well it’s still the 1st week of school and just in case you didn’t think I was being serious about the dangers of passing a stopped school bus I put together a video montage for you……WARNING SOME OF THESE VIDEOS OR GRAPHIC AND SHOW CHILDREN BEING HIT BY CARS! PLEASE ALWAYS STOP FOR A SCHOOL […]

Teens and Drunk Driving

Summer is almost over and school will be starting up again soon. Some school districts are staging drunk driving accidents with actors and local fire fighters to hit the message home to teens. In LA the school and fire fighters got together and staged this accident to impact the students: In NY there is ZERO […]

Ride From Hell Part 3

Ok Leah Messer Calvert and her then husband Jeremy Calvert are not the poster children for safe driving. They drive angry, scream at each other while driving, over pack the car to the point where their children are buried and could be crushed, too boot they are NOT WEARING SEAT BELTS! Again this is ILLEGAL! […]

Ride From Hell Part 2

Last time we talked about the emotional driving piece, now let’s talk about over filling your car so that you can’t see out of your rear window! UNACCEPTABLE! Not only is it illegal it so unsafe it is not even funny. Think about not being able to see what’s behind you or trying to pass […]

OMG MTV You Have To Be Kidding!

So I watched episode 3 of MTV’s Teen Mom 2 (Season 6!) and they have got to be kidding. In one 2:30 minute clip there was so much to cover I am going to have to break it down into a few blogs! In a clip that has been called “The Ride From Hell” you […]

You can’t hold a child in a crash!

The other day I wrote a blog about the mom I saw driving in the parking lot with a kid on her passengers lap. This is illegal. You can learn more by taking our online class. I talked about how dangerous it is but i thought an illustration might help! See people it is simple […]

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