So I watched episode 3 of MTV’s Teen Mom 2 (Season 6!) and they have got to be kidding. In one 2:30 minute clip there was so much to cover I am going to have to break it down into a few blogs! In a clip that has been called “The Ride From Hell” you see the tragedy that could easily unfold.

Let me set the scene for you: We have 3 children and 2 parents in an over filled car. The car is packed so tight that you cannot see out the rear window, it is so full that bags are falling onto and on top of of a 2 year old (forward facing) as she yells for her mother. We barely see the twin 5 year-old girls but I’m sure they under the stuff in the car somewhere! Her mother and father are screaming at each other and the mother is using some colorful language. The father is making comments about how if they were in an accident that the children would be crushed and killed by all of the stuff in the car. Oh and did i mention that both parents are not wearing their seat-belts!

Now in the past I have done different blogs that cover all these subjects. Let’s start with angry/emotional driving. This is never a good idea. Anything that pulls focus off the road is dangerous. Want to learn more about it? Take our online class. When you think about your blood pressure and frame of mind when you are angry that is not the best time to get behind the wheel. Also fighting with the passenger in your over crowded car while you have your children in the car is NOT ACCEPTABLE on so many levels.

I guess the only saving grace about this is that is was filmed with a dash cam! Stay tuned for more on this episode this week! As always DRIVE SAFE (not angry!)

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