Last time we talked about the emotional driving piece, now let’s talk about over filling your car so that you can’t see out of your rear window! UNACCEPTABLE! Not only is it illegal it so unsafe it is not even funny. Think about not being able to see what’s behind you or trying to pass someone when you can’t see where any other cars are! It doesn’t make any sense.

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Now let’s talk about so much stuff being in the car and not even put in properly that in the event of a crash all of the objects would become projectiles that could hit passengers or the driver in the head, go through the windshield, crush the children in that car who were buried somewhere under all the bags. You can plainly see the 2 year old with bags falling onto her as she is calling out for her mother who is too busy fighting with her then husband.

I can only hope that since the mom in this episode has now gotten out of rehab that she is keeping her car in better shape. Look I have a baby and the amount of stuff that I have to put in the car just for her is insane so I know three must be out of control but you can secure things with bungee cords and make sure that you are not setting up projectiles that will be traveling the same speed as the car at the time of impact!

Stay tuned for our last installment in this episode and as always DRIVE SAFE (and keep your cars packed properly)!


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