Ok Leah Messer Calvert and her then husband Jeremy Calvert are not the poster children for safe driving. They drive angry, scream at each other while driving, over pack the car to the point where their children are buried and could be crushed, too boot they are NOT WEARING SEAT BELTS!

Again this is ILLEGAL! Want to know more about it take our online class.

All of the many things in their car that can become projectiles and they added themselves to the list by not buckling up. In the event of a crash they will be traveling at the same speed as the car, they have no seat belts on, they can slam into each other or just go through the windshield. I would find it hard to believe that anyone would survive a crash in that car and it would be tragic!

The saving grace is that at least the children are in car seats! Although if in an accident the things in the back that are not secure would come flying forward. It is just a tragedy waiting to happen and MTV does NOTHING! It amazes me because when they show other things like drug use, alcohol abuse or anything else they deem upsetting they put up a PSA (public service announcement) about it. All through Teen Mom they urge people to go to itsyoursexlife.org to learn about teen pregnancy, perhaps they could do something about safe driving!!?!?

Well I guess we’ll wait to the next episode until then my friends, as always, DRIVE SAFE! (BUCKLE UP)

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