Waking up in the morning to an ice covered car is frustrating and time consuming. Here are 5 tips on how to get the ice off your windshield without freezing or wrecking your wiper blades!

1) Get up a little earlier so you can let the car run for 15 minutes with the defroster on. Using the defroster will melt the ice so that you can just brush it off.

2) Spray your car with a saltwater solution. This will dissolve the ice via chemical reaction rather than melting it with heat.
The ions in salt also lower the freezing point of water, making it difficult for water to refreeze.
While normal table salt will suffice in above freezing temperatures, you may want to consider using road salt, which is commonly shoveled onto
residential sidewalks to quickly melt ice and reduce hazards. Road salt has a different chemical composition that makes it more effective at
freezing temperatures.
Apply the saltwater sparingly to your windshield since heavy salt exposure may cause damage to the glass.

3) Apply an alcohol and water solution to melt the ice instead. Make a 2:1 rubbing alcohol to water solution and fill a spray bottle with it. Spray the solution onto all desired windows.
You can also add a few drops of dish soap to the solution. Adding chemicals is similar to adding salt and lowers the freezing point of water.
This will melt the ice more quickly than warm water.
Unlike the saltwater solution, the alcohol solution can be sprayed liberally without risking damage to your car.

4) Buy a commercial de-icer formula if all homemade solutions fail. Most commercial formulas work well, but tend to be more costly.
Like scrapers, these formulas shouldn’t be hard to find at your local car supply store. Almost every auto store has a section dedicated to

5) Use a squeegee or soft-bristled brush to scrub away the residue. Once you have applied your chosen solution, wipe away the liquid and ice from your windshield and car.
After a minute or two, your saltwater or alcohol solution should begin to melt the ice. Keep in mind, however, that the ice will only be partly
melted. It will need to be brushed away in order to improve visibility.

Parking in doors or in a car port is the best way to avoid damage from the elements to your car. Stay tuned to this blog spot for more tips and tricks and as always, DRIVE SAFE!!!

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