When we think about distracted driving the first thing that comes to mind is the phone. Usually we talk about texting or talking but, how many times have you seen someone checking their e-mail, tweeting or updating their Facebook status.

Phones are also not the only things that take our eyes off the road, I’ve seen women doing their make-up, men shaving and people eating bowls of cereal while driving on their way to work! We really need to stop and think about what the priorities are while we are driving, they SHOULD be getting from A to B safely while obeying the laws and really that is ALL we need to worry about!

I’ve done blogs in the past about eating while driving and that it does cause you to take your eyes off the road and in some states you can get a ticket for distracted driving. I know that the screaming baby in the back seat can sometimes be a distraction when I find myself wondering how to get her to stop screaming and checking the mirror to look at her instead of focusing on the road ahead. This is when I know I need to pull over to attend to the baby. If I get drive through food I can always eat it in the parking lot or take it home!

I would hate to think that updating a Facebook status, checking an e-mail/text, tweeting, eating a burger or focusing elsewhere would be the last thing I ever did or would be the cause of someones death! So let’s all decide to pay more attention to driving and the road ahead of us! As always DRIVE SAFE!

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