Well the snow seems to have stopped and the rain is here! Also with all the melting just how deep are the puddles that we’re all driving through?! Well here are some tips about what can happen to the different parts of your car when driving through puddles

1) Engine Intake System: Water in the intake system ultimately gets into the cylinders, in which pistons compress air. But water doesn’t compress, and the resulting pressure inside the engine can bend piston rods or crack the engine block. Either essentially ruins the engine.

2) Transmission: Water makes the gears slip.

3) Brakes: If the rotors are extremely hot, exposure to water can warp them. The result is your car will vibrate when you try to brake. Water may get into the brake lines and cause brake failure immediately or later, when you least expect it. Brake specialists suggest that, after rolling through deep water, drivers pump their brakes to squeeze water from the pads.

4) Electronic Systems: Many manufacturers install automobile computers in the floorboards and under the seats. Water damage to these components can result in all sorts of electrical and electronic problems.

The safest thing to do is go around puddles when you can and NEVER EVER drive through running water! To learn more about what to do in these situations take our online class and as always DRIVE SAFE!!!

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