So there I was the other day with the baby and my husband in the car driving to the farm to go strawberry picking. There was barely any traffic on the road and it was around 4:30 on a sunny Sunday afternoon. One could say picturesque, but for the fact that I was exhausted, between working 40 hrs a week and being a full time mom I am ALWAYS TIRED!

I was at a red light and then I did the most bizarre thing! I looked both ways and turned LEFT!?!? As I was doing it I said out loud What am I doing? Oh My God who makes a left on red?!!? (well that’s not really what I said but for the sake of decency….) Thankfully there was no one coming! My husband said, “Well your tired and it looked like a regular stop sign junction so…..” well bless his heart. This got me thinking about exhausted driving.

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Did You know that Sleepiness or Fatigue Causes the Following:

Impaired reaction time, judgment and vision
Problems with information processing and short-term memory
Decreased performance, vigilance and motivation
Increased moodiness and aggressive behaviors

In addition to the dangers of driving under the influence of fatigue, several states are considering legislation that would allow police to charge drowsy drivers with criminal negligence if they injure or kill someone while driving if they have not had adequate sleep. So please get the rest you need and don’t drive drowsy! As always, DRIVE SAFE!

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