Most of the time points are a good thing they help you win games but not on your driving record! The New York Department of Motor Vehicles issues points on your license for certain types of traffic violation convictions, and more is definitely not better.

New York’s point system is designed to identify drivers who commit many traffic violations in a short period of time. In other words, dangerous drivers. While we all sometimes make mistakes and a few minor offenses aren’t usually enough for the DMV to suspend or revoke your license, several violations raise a red flag indicating that the DMV might need to take action.

And while multiple offenses can result in the DMV suspending or revoking your license, all it takes are a few slip-ups for the department to fine you a hefty annual “driver responsibility” fee of at least $100.

The DMV isn’t the only organization to worry about. Not only will you have to pay court fines and DMV assessment fees for moving violations, but insurance companies have their own independent point systems and can increase your premiums based on your driving record. Insurers check your record when they renew your policy, and sometimes all it takes is one speeding ticket to jack up your rates. In extreme cases, you risk having your insurance canceled outright if the company decides your driving habits put you at greater odds of becoming involved in an accident.

This is where we can help! When you take our online class you reduce the points on your license and you save on your insurance! It’s really a win win. So take our class and remember DRIVE SAFE!!!

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