The folks here at Defensive Drivers Discount are happy to have this website! As one of the Founders of Defensive Drivers Discount, I can tell you that it’s a rare situation when someone can own a business that not only provides a source of income, but also helps address a REAL problem! Ever since I started looking into Defensive Driving, I have been amazed out how little many drivers know about driving a vehicle! I some times wonder if we should require all drivers at least learn how to drive a manual before they get behind the wheel of an automatic! Why? Because if you drive a manual, you remain engaged and you can anticipate. If you are in an automatic listening to the radio, and texting, you are anything but engaged!

We are really focused on new technology to help address the texting and driving issue. How many times have you looked to your left or right only to see some other driver zipping along at 55 MPH texting? AAARGH! Between that and tailgating, there’s nothing more aggravating. Research has proven that these Defensive Driving Courses help reduce accidents and traffic violations. Next time you are stuck in traffic for 45 minutes and you finally see the accident where one car rear ended another, ask yourself why?

If the tailgater was watching the road and had ample space between cars, would that have happened?
Are these courses effective?

Well research has proven that typically there are three percent fewer accidents, and moving violations from graduates of this class than non graduates. With over 300,000 accidents in 2011 that’s 9,000 fewer than there would have been. The state of New York, and thirty other states feel that’s a lot! Defensive Drivers Discount does too. 9,000 fewer ambulances dispatched, 9,000 less calls to 911, fewer officers spending time writing up an accident report, fewer cars in need of towing, less traffic due to the accident, and these are just some of the reasons why thirty states, and most insurance companies support driving defensively ! Let’s not forget all the injuries that can occur and the impact it has on our hospitals.

Taking our course is one of those

win win situations!

Stay tuned for more updates as we change our roads for the better….. one driver at a time!

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