Everything is getting so fast paced now, sometimes you feel like you have to do 3 things at the same time just to keep up! That may  be true for many of us, but check this YouTube video out and  maybe you will think twice about multi tasking while driving.

Several lives were ruined in the video, and I am guessing that whatever it is they were texting about could have waited!

There are things being done about this problem, for example, AT & T launched an APP that you should download, called “Drivemode.”  The app is launched when you get in your car so that you are not even tempted to text & drive. In 2011 alone, in NY State, almost 50,000 accidents occurred while the driver was distracted. Although statistics are still being compiled, many of them were because the driver was texting while driving.

In our curriculum, we cover texting and driving thoroughly, please consider the implications before picking up your phone while driving on our roads in New York.

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