Now is the time to start thinking about your Memorial Day Plans.  An estimated 38 million Americans will be joining you on the roads and at the airport. Here are some quick tips:

  • Do not travel during peak travel times. If you can travel when there is less congestion, there will be fewer delays to slow you down.
  • Make sure you check your car’s vital systems, including the battery, tires, and oil before you leave.

The American Automotive Association (AAA) estimates that 38 million Americans will be heading somewhere during the holiday weekend, with the average trip ranging between 50 and 100 miles. Plus, gasoline is cheaper this year than in previous years, giving people a little extra cash for the road.

Police will be out in record numbers at sobriety check points and working on the “Click-It-Or-Ticket” initiatives as well as making sure people are staying off their phones while driving!

Where ever you are headed this weekend make sure you leave yourself plenty of time, stay sober, stay off your cell phone and that you drive defensively.  As always, DRIVE SAFE!

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