Texting and driving is a dangerous problem especially among teens, it leads to countless accidents and deaths on the road. There are some new apps available to combat this.

Textecution ($29.99 one-time charge)
This Android app cuts off texting ability if the device is moving faster than 10 MPH. If a passenger is using the device, he or she may request an override. That request must be allowed by a Textecution “administrator,” such as a parent (notified by text that the request is pending). If the user tries to remove Textecution, the administrator also gets a heads-up.

tXtBlocker ($6.99 monthly for a single user)
Compatible with a wide range of smartphones, this app allows users to customize the locations and times of day—such as routine commuting—when texts and phone calls aren’t accepted.

DriveSafe.ly ($3.99/month or $13.95/year for a single user
Instead of shutting down communications entirely, this app reads text messages and emails out loud in real time, including shortcuts like LOL, and sends an autoresponse.

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