Did you know that in England on October 1st 2015 a new law will come into effect banning people from smoking in their own cars if they have anyone under the age of 18 as a passenger! Now I am a former smoker and I have baby. I won’t let anyone smoke around my child nor do I find it in good taste of even healthy to smoke around ANYONE! Now some of you maybe thinking that this is part of a “nanny state” idea BUT did you know that some states already have this law and others are thinking of enacting!

Right now California, Louisiana, Maine, Oregon, Puerto Rico, Utah, and Vermont all have laws on the books (dating back to 2006 in Louisiana’s case) that protect child passengers from second hand smoke. In some stated the law is no smoking with passengers under the age of 18 and in some it is under the age of 8. I personally don’t understand the discrepancy in ages but each state is sovereign so.

Right now a New Jersey state Senate panel has advanced legislation that would bar smokers from lighting up in vehicles if children 16 and younger also are present. Violators would face a $100 fine but no surcharges or points. Some people will argue that this oversteps but if you want to smoke in your car when your by yourself there are no rules about that. Smoking is an unhealthy CHOICE but choosing for a child to breathe in second hand smoke is unfair.

Not only is smoking unhealthy but when you think about it, it can cause driving hazards. When you light a cigarette you take your focus off the road. Also as a former smoker the layer of tar that was on my windshield did impair my ability to see. Just some things to think about.

This legislation is being proposed in more and more states. Stay tuned to this blog spot for more info. As always, DRIVE SAFE!

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