Another Nor’easter set to barrel down on the Northeast over the next 2 days. And on the 1st day of Spring!  Depending where you are we will see anywhere from 6-15 inches of snow!  Flash flooding in coastal areas is also possible with this storm.  Want to learn more about driving in different weather conditions, take our online class.

Winter Storm Warning in effect from midnight tonight to 8 am
EDT Thursday…
* what… heavy mixed winter precipitation transitioning to heavy
snow is expected. Total snow accumulations of 12 to 16 inches
and light ice accumulations are expected.
* Where… portions of northeast New Jersey and southeast New
* When… from midnight tonight to 8 am EDT Thursday.
* Additional details… travel will be very difficult to
impossible, including during the evening commute on Wednesday.
Expect significant reductions in visibility at times.

Toby is this storms name.  When i think of a Toby, i don’t think destruction.  How an something with a name like Toby cause so much potential damage?  Well here’s how!

A Nor’easter typically features winds from the northeast off the Atlantic Ocean. Most people associate these storms with Northeast winter storms, but snow is not a requirement.  A nor’easter may bring heavy rain or snow, strong winds, coastal flooding and rough seas to the affected areas.

If a nor’easter threatens your town, be sure to take the proper steps to prepare. Be sure to stock up with at least three days of food, water and other necessary provisions. The power might go out for multiple days due to strong winds potentially knocking down trees and power lines. During the last storm we lost power for 6 days! (texasflange)

Stay off the roads! Highway crews need time to clear the roads.  It is best to stay home until the storm passes. Conditions can change quickly and you don’t want to be stranded on an unsafe road unable to get home.  DO NOT DRIVE unless you absolutely have to! That means only in case of emergency or if you are emergency personnel.  The county executive enforced a travel ban during the last storm.   If you are out on the roads during a ban you will get a ticket or your car will get impounded!

Stay tuned to this blog spot for more info in the coming days.  As always, DRIVE SAFE!

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