I had another sleepless night and decided to watch TV. Well here is another installment in the newly named “REALLY MTV” series. Last night I was watching the MTV show Catfish. For those of you not in the know Catfish is a reality show starring Yaniv (Nev) Schulman and Max Joseph where they help people find out if their online relationships are with people who are representing themselves truthfully. Fascinating I know…..and had the image above been what I saw this blog would not exist, HOWEVER…..

Well last night I’m watching it when what do I see but Nev filming Max while driving! Something I named an “Otherie” quite some time ago. Learn more about the dangers of distracted driving by taking our online class.

I know the show is a documentary that relies heavily on hand held camera, but they also have a mounted dash cam and an entire MTV crew but for some reason they needed a shot of Nev filming a sleepy Max while he was driving.

MTV is getting out of control with their total lack of driving safety, between their rocky history of drunk driving on the Real World, texting and driving on Teen Mom and now this! At some point they will have to take a look at their behavior while the rates of teen fatal accidents rise.

Stay tuned for more in this ongoing series and as always DRIVE SAFE!

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