Have you been driving down a street at night when all of a sudden you see the guy/girl on the bike dressed in dark colors and thought to yourself what the……Well Honda is trying to help us all out! You can learn more about sharing the road with two wheeled vehicles by taking our online class

Recently Honda have helped develop a reflective spray paint that is only visible at night. It’s called LifePaint, but it’s technically not paint; it’s a washable material that lasts about 10 days after application. It’s also completely invisible until it’s hit by the glare of a car’s headlights — then it glows.

Volvo says the water-based LifePaint can safely be applied to clothes, helmets, shoes, backpacks, and even dog leashes. The spray isn’t available everywhere yet. Right now, it’s available in six cycling shops in Kent and London, and if it does well, Volvo may move the product internationally.

Let’s hope we see this product in the USA but until then let’s all look out for each other! As always DRIVE SAFE!!!

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