Allstate has published it’s list of the top 200 cities in the USA by how often they file collision claims. Coming in at number one for the 4th year in a row is Fort Collins, CO.

According to their data drivers in For Collins, just north of Denver, drivers can go 14.2 years between collisions as opposed to number 200, Worcester, Massachusetts, where the data reports 4.3 years between claims. Claims frequency in a city or ZIP code is one of many factors as carriers calculate your car insurance rates – along with state laws and your driving record — but it’s a big one.

According to a car owner with a clean record shopping for full coverage on a 2012 Honda Accord in Fort Collins, for example, would pay about $936 a year. In Denver, the same driver would pay about $1,221. Think of the money they could save if they took a defensive driving class on top of that!

Here are the safest-driving cities in America, according to Allstate, along with the number of years a driver can expect to go between collision claims:

Fort Collins, Colorado 14.2
Brownsville, Texas 14.2
Boise, Idaho 14
Kansas City, Kansas 12.9
Huntsville, Alabama 12.6
Montgomery, Alabama 12.4
Visalia, California 12.4
Laredo, Texas 12.2
Madison, Wisconsin 12.2
Olathe, Kansas 12.1

See the entire 200-city list, along with average car insurance rates for each city, at

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