In 2013, 286 people died in traffic accidents. The new year has just begun and there have already been 11 deaths due to car accidents in 2014. That number includes pedestrians as well. Because of this, mayor De Blasio is planning to enforce more traffic rules in an effort to lower the number of deaths in 2014.

A part of his effort will be encouraging officers to give more tickets to reckless drivers. He also plans to lower the speed limit in certain areas, mostly around schools. The new speed limit in those areas is expected to be 20 mph.

Heads Up!!

There are 6 traffic cameras that were already installed and will begin to ticket speeders on January 23rd, 2014. A total of 14 new cameras will be installed, all around schools, for a total of 20 traffic cameras. (  De Blasio also plans to ask Albany for permission to install more than 20 traffic cameras because at this moment, the city is only allowed 20. The NYPD has already increased their number of officers who are responsible for catching serious traffic violators from 180-210, and will be expanding for another 60 officers. Drive safe NY & please slow down.



To read more on De Blasio’s plans, please click here

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