Well it’s May and even though it feels like summer here in NY really it’s Spring! I went out to my car the other day and it was covered in a yellow haze, the pollen has arrived and not only is it doing a number on my allergies my car has gone from Blue to Green!

Pollen covered cars need washing. Did you know that when you wash your car at home you are actually damaging the environment! When you wash your car at home you waste so much water and the run off from the soaps that are used damage local water tables. Go to a car wash and if you do have to wash at home try and use vegetable based soaps.

Make sure to wash windows thoroughly and don’t forget to wash headlights and tail lights! Pollen coverage can cause obstructed view and lead to unsafe driving. While the weather is warm take advantage of going for a safe drive.

Well my friends enjoy the early summer while you can and as always DRIVE SAFE!!

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