We’ve all heard about those wacky Sunday Drivers out there (someone driving too slow ), or some teenage driver weaving in and out. These driving methods drives us crazy! Well, as it turns out, in NY State, Sunday has the least amount of crashes of the 7 days each week! That’s right! Of the 307,550 crashes reported in the 2011 Statewide Statistical Summary, the day with the most crashes is Friday. Go figure!! All those workers and commuters trying to get home to start the weekend must be trying too hard, as Fridays accounted for 51,808 crashes in 2011, while Sunday, the day with the fewest crashes, only had 33,846 (only?). What time of the 24 hour day would you guess is the most dangerous? All those people leaving the bar or restaurant at 10pm? Maybe early in the morning before that third cup of coffee has kicked in? Or even at 3 am, when you KNOW you are exhausted and should be home asleep? Nope, it’s from 3 pm to 6 pm! 67,869 of the 307,550 crashes occurred on that afternoon commute. The lightest crash period? Take a guess? 3 am to 6 am, probably because the sensible ones out there made it home for a good nights sleep, only 11,939 crashes.

Let’s look at this just a bit closer. Who would you guess is a better driver? Men or women? (better meaning, has been involved in fewer crashes). I’m sure the women are guessing it’s the men & the men are guessing, well, you know….60% of reported crashes involving a fatality, personal injury or some property damage in NY State in 2011 were caused by male drivers! And what age group do you think was involved in the most crashes? For women, it’s those between 21 and 24, and for men? 25 to 29, although that group 21 to 24 in men is a close second.

To see for yourself, visit this website.

But don’t read this while driving!

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