Well just when I thought I would get a break from writing about these people….last weeks episode was a treat. Kail and Javi were driving talking about their failing relationship and their upcoming vacation. True to form they started fighting back and forth and became distracted. Want to learn more about distracted driving take our online class.

They were yelling and screaming at each other so much that they didn’t notice the 2X4 in the road, they hit it and wrecked their car, thankfully the kids weren’t in the car. There are also numerous scenes of Kail talking on the phone while driving. Even more recently she got into a “fender bender” with another car but no word if she was on the phone at the time!

I have written time and time again about the dangers of distracted driving and that doesn’t just mean phones! Emotions can be distracting! When you think about arguing with someone do you really think that traveling at 69+ mph is the right time to do that or that perhaps one should focus on the road and the heavy machinery you are operating!

This episode was full of teen mom angst and drama with MTV providing PSA’s about relationships and respect to sex life decisions, HOWEVER they still fail to even put up a hashtag about driving responsibly or not being on the phone! Well I guess we will see what tonight’s episode has in store *sigh* AS always, DRIVE SAFE!

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