The weeks go on and none of the mom’s on this “reality” show have learned not to be on the phone while driving. This week Jenelle Evans was on the phone, phone in hand every time she was in her car! Want to learn more about the rules on cell phones and driving take our online class.

Just the week before she was on the phone while driving while her ex boyfriend was calling her and chasing her down the highway with their son in the car. You can see it in the picture above. Hers is the fancy red sports car and he has the truck. He was screaming at her about not taking the baby because he wanted to go to the gym. They have a history with cars, she claims that he once tried to run her over and he was arrested for that. After a different domestic violence dispute she was arrested for driving without a license. These people are a disaster waiting to happen, I can only hope it doesn’t happen while their kids are in the car!

At some point MTV is going to have to step up and take some responsibility for their programming. As i have said before they show PSA’s about teen sex and contraception but give no second thoughts to the other behaviors in this show. Thankfully the season finally is coming soon.

So stay off the phone when you are driving, and as always DRIVE SAFE!!!

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