After 10 years at war, U.S. soldiers are returning from the front line to fight another battle: unemployment. It’s a tragic dose of reality for the men and women who went from leading troops and saving lives to finding themselves without income and desperate to help support their families. They face fierce competition in a labor force where demand still outweighs job openings. A recent report issued by the U.S Army shows that the impact of high unemployment on returning soldiers has been devastating, particularly for the 18- to 24-year-olds.

Across the country, outreach has been significant. Communities and employers publicly express their desire to help military members reenter the civilian workforce. We at DDD are trying to do our part!

Recently DDD trained a group of Veterans free of charge to become Defensive Driving Instructors. Our trainer Wendy had this to say about the experience:

“What a great thing to be a part of. I got to spend day Saturday with some Veterans on Long Island doing a teacher Training for DDD! Was a honor to work with them! (I even got to walk Liz Captain Van Thach’s canine companion). Thank you again for your service everyone.”

DDD is dedicated to helping our returning vets find work! Now they are their own bosses and can start teaching Defensive Driving classes right away! Stay tuned to this blog spot for more info and as always DRIVE SAFE!!!

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