I was driving the other day in a state with relaxed helmet laws and I saw a motorcyclist in a tank top, shorts, and NO HELMET…..I thought to myself wow that guy really doesn’t want to live. Want to learn more about safety laws, take our online class.

I’ve been on a motorcycle before and I wore leather pants, long sleeves, a leather jacket and a helmet with a face shield. Why so many precautions you might ask? Well let’s break it down like this, I like my skin and and I like my brain! When you fall off a bike, crash your bike it’s you vs.

the road and well the road is going to win!

Imagine if you will that you are traveling in a car at 60 mph with a watermelon. Now you take the watermelon and throw it out the window as you watch it explode as it hits the ground and pieces go flying off at 60 mph getting smaller as the road dissolves them imagine that is YOUR HEAD! That is exactly what a person is doing when they don’t wear a helmet.

Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) is a real thing, you may have heard about it from NFL players (AND THEY WEAR HELMETS!) and more recently in high schools that have cheer leading squads. TBI is no laughing matter it can cause major personality changes, speech disruption, motor disruption just to name a few things. One of the ways one can help to prevent a risk for a TBI is by WEARING A HELMET on a MOTORCYCLE or BICYCLE!

Luckily in NY State the law is that you have to wear a helmet on a motorcycle and children on bicycles (>1 and <14 if <1 prohibited to be on a bicycle) must wear helmets. Now if your smart you’ll wear a helmet on a bicycle no matter what your age, that is if you value your brain! Stay tuned to this blog spot and as always, DRIVE SAFE!

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