It’s a sunny afternoon, you and little Johnnie are off to the park for some quality time. You back out of your driveway and head to the main road. About a mile into your drive some other driver comes flying up behind you, and slams on his horn. You immediately think you did something wrong, but then notice there’s another car behind him- it’s a big pickup truck. The driver in the pick up is yelling out of the window at the driver that’s now, right snug up against your rear bumper. This is crazy! What are these guys doing? A light is coming up, it turns red. Immediately after you come to a complete stop, the driver in the pickup opens his door and jumps out- he runs right up to the guy right behind you and starts banging on his window yelling profanities and shaking his fist! What’s going on?? All of a sudden, the car behind you pushes your car forward, into oncoming traffic. He then backs up and pulls out around you, trying to get away from the crazed pickup truck driver. You let him pass and see the truck driver running back to his pickup, getting behind the wheel. What do you do? He pulls out to go around you and swerves to avoid an oncoming vehicle in the other lane. Near miss. Then speeds past you and is gone in a flash. In this situation, not much you can, or should do, except notify the police. Road rage is a big problem out there and there’s rarely a clear answer, if you are an observer. Some drivers might see this situation differently, like when your car gets nudged forward so the threatened driver behind you can get out, some people would try to chase down the nudger. Don’t be that driver, not much good will come out of that!

Here are other ways to deal with road rage:

Control Yourself

  • Wind down before you crank it up. Avoid making other drivers angry by avoiding anger yourself.
  • Anticipate situations and make plans accordingly. Regular traffic reports in most cities alert you to the traffic congestion. Learn alternate routes or leave for work earlier.
  • Take action before stress and fatigue get to you. Learn to spot warning signs and act on them.
  • If you plan a long journey, take it in stages. Do not remain behind the wheel for more than three hours without a break.

Be Patient & Pay Attention

  • Don’t yell or use obscene gestures.
  • Don’t block the passing lane. Stay to the right if you are obstructing the flow of traffic.
  • Always signal when changing lanes. Use your horn sparingly.
  • Don’t tailgate.
  • Cooperate and don’t compete on the road. Let other drivers merge into traffic in an orderly fashion.
  • Don’t take another’s actions personally. Everybody makes mistakes.

Avoid A Driving Assault

  • Don’t react to another driver’s uncivil behavior–avoid eye contact and don’t tailgate, accelerate, brake or swerve suddenly, which can be seen as confrontational.
  • If confronted by an aggressive driver, go to the nearest police station if you continue to be hassled or think you are being followed.
  • Lock your doors.
  • When stopped in traffic, leave enough space to pull out from behind the car you are following.
  • Don’t be tempted to start a fight or carry any sort of weapon. These acts may provoke an assault.

Watch this video to see the situation described above, and YES! This really did happen! 

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