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Ice and Snow Clean it off BEFORE you Drive

We just had our first major snow storm of the winter and there was plenty of ice and snow. Many people came out to cars covered in it. We all know it’s a pain to stand out in the cold cleaning off your car, BUT did you know that it’s against the law to drive […]

Driving During A Snowstorm: DON’T!

When should you drive during a snowstorm? We are preparing for a massive snowstorm in the northeast! Driving during a blizzard or heavy snowstorm is dangerous for many reasons — black ice, low visibility, and carbon monoxide leaks being just a few. Sometimes it’s necessary although not recommended that you leave your home in treacherous […]

Arctic Chill

Right now in the Northeast we are experiencing an incredible cold snap where temperatures in the negative teens! This is quite the arctic chill.  Want to learn more about cold weather driving, take our online class. Did you know that your car suffers in the extreme cold weather as well. Cars are effected by this arctic […]

Car Shaking After a Snow Storm

Did ever notice that after a snowstorm when you 1st hit the road your car seems to shake.  I noticed it yesterday and went straight to the mechanic…….to find out that a build up of snow and ice on the tires can cause them to unbalance, but it all balances out once it melts off! […]

Ice And Snow Left On Your Car Is A Hazard!

Did you clean off your car completely after the most recent storm? Some people didn’t and not only does it pose a hazard to all those on the road it can get you pulled over! Want to learn more about driving in the winter?  Take our online class. Leaving trails of flying snow and ice […]

What Should Be In Your Car for The Winter?

Well if you are here in the NY/CT/NJ area like me you know that Winter is here!  I don’t know about you but the baby and I are not going out driving without being prepared!  This got me thinking about what do you really need in your car in case of emergency! Winter brings hazardous […]

Winter Coats and Car Seats

It has become a cold winter here in the north east and it is important to keep your baby warm, but it is also important to keep them safe. Now you can always go and warm up the car before putting your little one into the car but what about the walk from the house […]

Get Your Car Ready for Winter!

Climate changes don’t just affect you they also affect your car! You wouldn’t go outside without your coat so don’t expect your car to perform without being ready for winter either! Here are some tips on how to winterize your car! Engine Oil in the Winter The oil in your engine changes depending on how […]

Driving On Wet Leaves

It’s the season of beautiful leaves, but also of them falling off the tress and getting rained on. Wet leaves can cause problems for drivers and pedestrians. Wet leaves on the roads can often be as dangerous as snow and ice, make braking, steering and stopping difficult. You may lose traction, which is particularly dangerous […]

1st Day of Fall

Well summer is officially over, tomorrow is the 1st day of the Fall Season and with that comes pumpkin everything, football and changes in driving conditions! Want to learn more about different driving conditions take our online class. A bright, beautiful afternoon can turn rainy and cold in minutes. And with days getting shorter, you […]

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