I’ve decided if taking a picture of yourself is a “selfie” then taking a picture of anything else is an “otherie”. Stay with me here for a minute…..Last time I talked about people taking selfies while driving and how dangerous that is, but what about the people who decide they just need to snap a pic of that sunset or skyline while driving, or how about looking at pretty clouds!

I did a quick Google search and I found a Tumblr page called “Pictures I take While Driving” there is a shot of the night sky where she writes

I almost died trying to take a picture of the pretty blue sky last night while driving home and also I got this little cute fox decoration for my room and just added it onto my sun and moon I have hung up 🙂

She then goes onto say:

I attempted to take a picture while driving today (nobody arrest me please) but everything was so green and pretty and I finally got to play M83 while driving and everything was okay. It’s the little things that are the biggest.

She talks about how she is a great driver. PLEASE PEOPLE THIS HAS GOT TO STOP! We all know she is not the only one doing this and it is very dangerous!

So if you want to take an otherie PULL OVER!!!!! To learn more about distracted driving take our online class. As always, DRIVE SAFE!

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