In the last 3 days 5 children are dead because people aren’t stopping for the school bus!

When a school bus is stopped with its stop sign arm extended all cars are supposed to stop.  People have been passing school buses and injuring and killing children. Stopping for the school bus isn’t optional!

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The incidents — in Indiana, Mississippi, Florida and Pennsylvania — draw attention to pedestrian safety and distracted driving across the country.


3 children died while crossing the street in rural Indiana. They crossed while the school bus stopped and waived them on.   9-year-old Alivia Stahl and her twin 6-year-old brothers, Mason and Xzavier Ingle,  were fatally struck by a pickup truck. Alivia held her brothers hands and shielded them from the oncoming truck.

The 24 year old driver passed the school bus while the stop arm was extended.  Subsequently, police arrested The 24-year-old driver  on three counts of felony reckless homicide and misdemeanor passing a school bus with the arm extended. She was released on $15,000 bond.


While crossing the road to get on the school bus a 9 year old boy was struck and killed . As a result he was charged with aggravated assault for the incident. The 22 year old drivers bond is set for $10,000.

 In Tallahassee, Florida, a 19-year-old man hit and injured a kindergartner who was crossing the street to board a school bus.  He said that he realized too late that the school bus was stopped.  He was given 2 traffic citations.


In central Pennsylvania, a 7-year-old boy from Franklin Township was found dead on side of the road by his home.   He was run over by a slow-moving vehicle.  Authorities stated “Evidence has shown that the child was run over at a slow speed”. The bus driver on route arrived at the stop discovering the situation, contacted 911 and remained at the scene until first responders arrived.

In Tampa, Florida, five children and two adults were rushed to a hospital after a car struck pedestrians at a school bus stop.  One child is in critical condition. However, none of the injuries are considered life-threatening. Three of the children are 6 years old, one is 9 and one is 12.  The driver stayed at the scene and has not been charged

What Can be done?

Some towns are changing their bus routes so no child crosses the street.  This leads to longer times on the bus and earlier wake ups.  Other towns have their drivers pull diagonally across the road when stopped so no one can go around.  While the latter seems like a good idea one has to wonder if the distracted driver will just plow into the middle of the bus.  The real solution lies with the individual driver!

What can you do?

Always make sure that when you see a school bus you STOP! If a school bus is stopped with it’s arm extended you should be too.  There is never an excuse to pass the school bus.  If you are on your phone PUT IT DOWN! Distracted driving, speeding, driving while impaired, all of these things take lives.  Your hurry is not worth a child losing their life. SLOW DOWN AND STOP!

Check out the blog for more info as these stories develop.  As always, DRIVE SAFE!

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