Today is a record breaking high for temps in NY.  It’s a whopping 95 in the shade in NYC , Hudson Valley and party of New Jersey.  It is HOT!!! Temperatures like this can be dangerous.  Yes they make for great days for the beach or by the pool or better yet hiding inside in the AC.  When temperatures are this hot it is easy to succumb to heat sickness and heat stroke!

It is especially dangerous for small children and the elderly.  This becomes even more dangerous when in a HOT CAR!  Want to learn more about the dangers of a hot car then take our online class.

I have written before about the dangers of leaving a baby or a dog in a car.  When temperatures outside range from 80 degrees to 100 degrees, the temperature inside a car parked in direct sunlight can quickly climb to between 130 to 172.

Just today while I was grocery shopping I saw a kid locked in a car with a parent no where in sight.  The child, I’d guess about 2 yrs old, was sweating and crying.  I didn’t want to break the window for fear of glass hurting the child.  I called 911 right away to report a child locked in a car in distress.

The police arrived and opened the door and gave the distressed child water and a hug.  Police checked the surrounding stores and finally found the BABYSITTER ! She said she had only been gone for 15 minutes.  Who knows really but 15 minutes it TOO LONG!  Any amount of minutes is TOO LONG!

I gave my information and was told that I was no longer needed.  They called the child’s parents and loaded the sitter into the back of the police car.  This poor child had a very traumatic day!

So remember, NEVER leave your child or pet in a hot car! Stay tuned to this blog spot for more info and as always, DRIVE SAFE!

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