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Get a Costume for Your Car it’s Halloween!

Halloween is right around the corner and most people have their costume planned but have you given any thought to what your car will be?   Never fear I’m here with some cute ideas of how you can dress up your car and get things into the festive spirit! We can find the perfect costume […]

Car Commercials and The Big Game!

The Big Game is here, Super Bowl 52! Weather you are an Eagles or a Patriots fan we all LOVE the commercials! This year there will be fewer car commercials than in previous years. Data in on Super Bowl 51 suggested that automotive ad spending was on the decline for the first time in six […]

Teen Mom 2 Accident

Well just when I thought I would get a break from writing about these people….last weeks episode was a treat. Kail and Javi were driving talking about their failing relationship and their upcoming vacation. True to form they started fighting back and forth and became distracted. Want to learn more about distracted driving take our […]

Super Bowl Car Commercials

The Super Bowl is today and that means some great commercials besides the food and football. There have been some great car commercials over the years during the big game and I doubt this year will disappoint. Weather your for The Patriots or The Seahawks we can all enjoy the big game and the commercials. […]

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