Tank top on motorcycle

Tank top on motorcycle

It’s that time of year again, the sun is out and it is HOT. Yesterday I stopped at a light and  I noticed the couple in front of me on a motorcycle.  They had on helmets which is great for protecting your head. However, there are other parts of your body at risk if you fall off! He was wearing shorts and she was wearing a tank top.  I thought, “If they wipe out there will be no skin left”.

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Riders often ask what to wear when riding a motorcycle in blistering summer heat. It is deemed irresponsible to wear shorts and flip-flops when riding a bike, but many people say that this is better than sweating to death in your leather pants and jackets. Of course, safety should always be your primary concern.  But there is a problem: riders hate to wear a lot of gear when the weather gets toasty. And who can blame them? When the weather gets hot and humid, you will inevitably sweat like a pig under your fashionable leather jacket, so you need to wear something that is light and breathable yet offers the same amount of protection from cuts, scrapes, and road rash.

I know a motorcycle police officer who says, “Dress for the crash NOT fashion”. People should wear riding gear.  Most riding gear is made of leather so that if you wipe out you won’t lose any skin to road rash.  Leather can be super hot in the summer!

In order to keep your cool while riding a motorcycle in hot weather, you need the right kind of gear. Here are some of the things that you can wear if you are planning to hit the open road in the middle of summer!


This fabric is lightweight and has superior moisture wicking properties so your head and neck will remain cool.Wearing a moisture-wicking and breathable fabric will enhance the removal of moisture from your skin. This will keep you comfortable and cool even when riding directly under the sun.

Kevlar Riding Jeans:

It’s true that Kevlar-reinforced motorcycle jeans are a bit warmer than your trusted pair of denim pants, but it allows more air to enter the body, specifically on your legs.

Ergodyne Chill Evaporative Cooling Vest:

Simply soak the vest in cold water for 2 to 5 minutes and wear it like a normal vest.The activated polymer-embedded fabric will remain hydrated for up to 4 hours so you can ride in supreme comfort.


These are just some simple ideas on how to stay cool under the summer heat on your bike.  Stay tuned to this blog spot for more info and as always, DRIVE SAFE!


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