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Kim Kardashian Car Seat Shame

Kim Kardashian decided to post a picture of her adorable son, Saint West, in his car seat….the only problem is he is front facing when he should be REAR FACING! The internet is not a forgiving place and this has been the story of Kim Kardashian Car Seat Shame. Want to learn more about car […]

Teen Mom 2: The Saga Continues

The weeks go on and none of the mom’s on this “reality” show have learned not to be on the phone while driving. This week Jenelle Evans was on the phone, phone in hand every time she was in her car! Want to learn more about the rules on cell phones and driving take our […]

Caitlyn Jenner Could Face Manslaughter Charges

Caitlyn Jenner was in a fatal car accident in February. It was a multi car accident where a car that she rear ended was pushed into on coming traffic and the driver was killed. It was alleged that she had been texting while driving but after a 6 month investigation that has not been mentioned. […]

Teen Mom 2 Accident

Well just when I thought I would get a break from writing about these people….last weeks episode was a treat. Kail and Javi were driving talking about their failing relationship and their upcoming vacation. True to form they started fighting back and forth and became distracted. Want to learn more about distracted driving take our […]

Boo Bravo TV

OK for once I’m not writing about Teen Mom 2 BUT last night on The Real Housewives Of Orange County there was a display of drunk driving. Now I know reality TV is hardly reality and we won’t even discuss if it is good TV but people do watch it and it does influence people. […]

Ride From Hell Part 2

Last time we talked about the emotional driving piece, now let’s talk about over filling your car so that you can’t see out of your rear window! UNACCEPTABLE! Not only is it illegal it so unsafe it is not even funny. Think about not being able to see what’s behind you or trying to pass […]

OMG MTV You Have To Be Kidding!

So I watched episode 3 of MTV’s Teen Mom 2 (Season 6!) and they have got to be kidding. In one 2:30 minute clip there was so much to cover I am going to have to break it down into a few blogs! In a clip that has been called “The Ride From Hell” you […]

MTV Really!?!?

Alright so last night when I was exhausted I flipped on the TV and what do I see but the recap of Teen Mom 2 because they are starting a new season. True to MTV responsibility, or lack there of, what do I see but Leah Messer with then husband Jeremy Calvert in their truck […]

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